NAMES: Full name or last name only is acceptable,places such as 'Philly' are also acceptable. For kings, queens and other rulers, name and regnal number and/or name and surname/ sobriquet are acceptable (e.g. Alexander the Great or Elizabeth II), unless otherwise required by the host.
ABBREVIATIONS: Abbreviations are not permitted except forSt. (Saint), Mt.(Mount), Mr. and Mrs. Only by the host announcing beforehand that specific exceptions will be made.
SPELLING AND TYPOS: As long as words are phonetically correct,they will be accepted. Typographical errors will be accepted at the discretion of the host.
NO COPYING: In the spirit of fair play, copying other people's answers is NOT acceptable.
GOOGLING: Googling an answer during the game is NOT allowed.We do encourage players to do further research on questions after the game, however.
PARTS OF THE ANSWER WITHIN QUESTIONS: If part of the answer is in the question, such as 'On what mountain did Noah's ark come to rest?' players do not need to repeat the word 'mountain' in the answer. The word 'Ararat' will suffice.
ERRORS: If you believe a question or answer to be in error, please notify the host after the game. The host will do his/her best to investigate the problem and, if need be, adjust the score accordingly.
NO RACIAL EPITHETS.Racial or ethnic slurs --used in ANY manner-- will not be tolerated.
What happens in Total-Trivia stays in Total-Trivia.We want a happy, feud-free room. HOSTS ARE THE ULTIMATE JUDGES: The host is the ultimate decision-maker in each game. Be kind to your host. After all, he/she has gone through a great effort to create a high quality quiz and trivia environment for you. Have fun and learn!


  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Sally

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Guest Host

  • 9:00pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Bob

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Biscuit

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Hez


From: Heatherly - 01/18/2020 - LL84 Important dates First rookie invitations sent: January 28, 2020

From: Maverick - 01/10/2020 - Ticks came up last night as a joke about Bieber and I asked if anyone saw the TV series, but got distracted before telling the story. The Amazon version of "The Tick" (there are several other series of the same name) has a "character" that is a confused, sentient airplane that self-identifies as a gay boat and is in love with a human. Not making this up. In the pangs of an existential crisis the boat decides to end it all and initiates a self-destruct sequence that is timed out by "MacArthur Park" playing through the boats computer terminals. Now I have sweet green icing flowing down stuck in my head and I don't want to suffer alone. Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe again. Oh nooooooooooo!!

From: Heatherly - 01/07/2020 - ... er-review/

From: Severyn - 12/21/2019 - It seems we have some spammers infiltrating the forum. Just a heads up.

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