Some of the Team.There's room for more - send your pictures to Hez.

Max Sally BobC
 Max Sally BobC
Fixie Hez Bob's dog dressed for the game
 Fixie Hez BobC's Trivia dog
Spammy Toejam Vic
 Spammy Toejam Vic


  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Sally

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Guest Host

  • 9:00pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Bob

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Biscuit

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Hez


From: Heatherly - 03/21/2019 - If you register, you will be able to choose your username, set a password and manage your password and avatar by going here:

From: Severyn - 02/14/2019 - Would anyone on here be interested in starting a team on funtrivia? For anyone who does not know, FunTrivia is an ongoing trivia site where you play at your leisure with no time constraints. It isn't a live game like what we do for an hour on weekdays. it is more like, you pick what you want to do quizzes on and if you answer get more points..There are tournaments and team challenges where you win points for a team and go into a ranking. I have had a good time there for a few years in my spare time. But i don't know lately if i want to join some team or form one with you all...i think we all could make some good points. Anyhow. Let me know, and i'll create the team and hopefully we all see each other off of our weekly game here.. Severyn

From: Maverick - 02/08/2019 - I'm telling you people, that "walks into a bar" haiku thing is an untapped art form and deserved full poinks. 1) horse walks into bar....the bartender says to him.... hey, why the long face? 2) neutron walks in bar.... asks barman, how much for drink?.... For you sir, no charge 3) E-Flat walks in bar.... bartender says "get out now!.... we don't serve minors" 4) horse walks into bar.... startled bartender says "Hey!!".... Horse says "straight, no ice" 5) rabbi priest and monk... walk into bar, barman asks... "this some kind of joke?"

From: BobC - 12/19/2018 - Tonight we will try out RumbleTalk. I think yesterday's experiment was a little confusing. This should be very straightforward and I think I can figure out the colors for the hosts. Just log in as Guest today using whatever name you like. Except BobC :).

From: BobC - 12/17/2018 - We have some options for replacing just the chat portion of TT. Please go to to try them out and leave your comments. If you have some other suggestions, please let me know!