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Max Sally BobC
 Max Sally BobC
Fixie Hez Bob's dog dressed for the game
 Fixie Hez BobC's Trivia dog
Spammy Toejam Vic
 Spammy Toejam Vic


  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Sally

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Maverick

  • 9:00pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Bob

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Biscuit

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Hez


From: Heatherly - 01/17/2018 - "Bob! .... Oh, Bob?" 1:04

From: Maverick - 01/12/2018 - When you want to learn trivial facts, trust the wisdom of Coach from Cheers.

From: Maverick - 01/12/2018 - I'm sure all of us have at one point or another used the Internet Movie Database to research a movie question. The IMDB follows the normal rating system of 1 to 10 stars. Except for This is Spinal Tap. That one goes to 11.

From: Heatherly - 01/08/2018 - Life Has Dealt Some Pretty Funky Hands to Miss Drew Barrymore! ... 0469?snl=1 This is not her "youngest ever host" appearance, but funny nonetheless. ... ven_kings/ what a cutie!

From: BobC - 01/08/2018 - As I watched a commercial using O Fortuna as it's music, I was reminded that this well known medieval Latin Goliardic poem set to music by Carl Orff is also one of the funnest mondegreens I know of...