1) Download the free Parachat app from the itunes store.

2) Launch the app. At this time you will be asked to create a User Name.

3) Click the 'home' button (house icon)

4) Click the settings icon

5) Click 'Preferences' and change:

   - Site name to: 31117

   - Room name to: Lobby (use capital on Lobby)

   Click 'Done'

6) Click 'Server Selection'

   - Choose 'sever2' and click Done

7) Open the multitasking bar by clicking the Home button on the ipad twice, quickly.

- In the multitask bar, tap and hold the ParaChat app icon until you see the minus sign, then close the app by clicking the minus sign. Close the multitasking bar by clicking on the main screen area.

8) Relaunch the app, you should see the welcome screen where you click 'sign in'. Doing so will take you to the chat room.


  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Sally

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Guest Host

  • 9:00pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Bob

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Biscuit

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Hez


From: Heatherly - 03/10/2018 - Daniel Boone was a man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hwqdQ0SkjQ Yes, a big man! With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he! Daniel Boone was a man, Yes, a big man! He was brave, he was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree! From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoe; the rippin'est, roarin'est, fightin'est man the frontier ever knew.

From: Heatherly - 02/05/2018 - the Spongmonkeys! http://www.rathergood.com/moon_song/

From: Heatherly - 01/28/2018 - If anyone wants to try LearnedLeague a round is starting at the end of February - goes for about five weeks (25 matches).

From: Heatherly - 01/22/2018 - Prepare to be Rushified! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNuMlesOuE

From: Maverick - 01/22/2018 - Schedule change on Tuesday and Thursday January 23rd and 25th. Biscuit will be hosting the Tuesday game and I'll be hosting the Thursday game.