Registration is OPTIONAL. You can enter the chat as guest and use whatever name you choose.

If you register, you will be able to choose your username, set a password and manage your password and avatar by going. HOSTS: You will need one registered login. We will assign a color to this login and you can use it just to host. To play, you can either register a play account (with a different email) OR you can play as a guest. The guest name must differ from your hosting name, but it can be as simple as putting a space in front or behind your name. Please ask if you have issues or questions.

Join us in our chat room for live, fast-paced trivia games hosted by real people against other trivia addicts. No membership or registration required - just pick a user name and play!  Total-Trivia is a great place to improve your powers of recall, exercise your brain and expand your knowledge in the areas of art, literature, science, music, movies, television, history and geography.

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To test and increase our knowledge; to enjoy friendly banter with other players; and to score as many toaster points as possible! We do not ban players for the occasional expletive or humorous sexual banter. We would like to keep the actual game times as clean as possible, however, out of respect for people of all ideologies and moral standards.

We always welcome new hosts and scorers. If you'd like to host a game, either a 'once-off' or on a regular basis, we'd love to have you join the team. Please talk to BobC or Maverick in the game room and we'll be happy to help you get started.
Points are awarded for both hosting and scoring. If you enjoy playing, please consider helping with scoring or hosting. This is a labor of love and it helps to have more hands share in what needs to be done.


From: Heatherly - Jan. 18, 2020 - LL84 Important dates First rookie invitations sent: January 28, 2020

From: Maverick - Jan. 10, 2020 - Ticks came up last night as a joke about Bieber and I asked if anyone saw the TV series, but got distracted before telling the story. The Amazon version of "The Tick" (there are several other series of the same name) has a "character" that is a confused, sentient airplane that self-identifies as a gay boat and is in love with a human. Not making this up. In the pangs of an existential crisis the boat decides to end it all and initiates a self-destruct sequence that is timed out by "MacArthur Park" playing through the boats computer terminals. Now I have sweet green icing flowing down stuck in my head and I don't want to suffer alone. Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe again. Oh nooooooooooo!!

From: Heatherly - Jan. 07, 2020 - ... er-review/

From: Severyn - Dec. 21, 2019 - It seems we have some spammers infiltrating the forum. Just a heads up.

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Games Schedule

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Sally

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Guest Host

  • 9:00pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Bob

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT) - Host Biscuit

  • 9pm (EST, USA : 1am GMT)- Host Hez