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From: Heatherly - 02/21/2020 - Love this movie! :) Good Bye, Lenin!

From: Heatherly - 02/15/2020 - Woo! The place Iím going to pub quiz next Monday serves Domaine de Canton! EXCLUSIVE DOVECOTE OFFERINGS MR. ROGERS Elephant Gin, Domaine de Canton, Dolin Dry Vermouth, orange bitters, Angostura bitters $13

From: Maverick - 02/14/2020 - Happy Valentines Day!

From: Maverick - 02/02/2020 - Here's something truly trivial. February 2nd 2020 is not just Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl, it's a global palindrome date. Today is 02/02/2020. it's the first global palindrome date since 11/11/1111 which was 909 years ago. Next one will be 12/12/2121

From: Maverick - 01/24/2020 - You Florida people better be walking around with hardhats or you might wind up like old Aeschylus. Turtles are not the only reptiles falling from the sky these days. ... -the-grill