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From: Maverick - 09/05/2019 - In the 2000 Scottish Cup soccer tournament Caledonia defeated Celtic 3-1. That is not at all interesting to anyone that was not on one of the teams, but apparently it was as big an upset as the US Hockey team beating the Russians at the Lake Placid Olympics. UK newspaper The Sun used a fun headline the next day, read it quickly out loud... "Super Caley Goes Balllistic, Celtic are Atrocious".

From: BobC - 08/13/2019 - mine is: Florida man calls 911 twice to complain about small clams at seafood restaurant.

From: Maverick - 08/09/2019 - Here's a fun game to play. Google "Florida man date" where the date is your birthday. If you were born on August 8th just google Florida Man August 8th and report the first headline that comes back to you. Mine is "Nearly nude Florida man rides bike backward on Miami interstate."

From: Heatherly - 07/19/2019 - Speaking of watching the Moon Landing on TV ... did you guys all ever see this movie? The Dish PG-13 2000 ? Drama/Indie film ? 1h 41m Cast Sam Neill as Cliff Buxton Patrick Warburton as Al Burnett Tom Long as Glenn Latham Kevin Harrington as Ross "Mitch" Mitchell Roy Billing as Bob McIntyre

From: Maverick - 06/14/2019 - Yes! Yes!! YES!!! Sea Quest WAS a game for the Atari 2600, I remember that silly commercial about the tiny divers calling "Kelp!" "Kelp!"